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If you take Santa Fe as design inspiration, Hyundai Santa Cruz will certainly be very popular

by Tam Nguyen

There are currently two streams of opinion on the design of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup, one saying that Santa Cruz will share the platform with the 2022 Tucson while the others expect the first Hyundai pickup to be the same. Latest Santa Fe.

According to information from Hyundai as well as the prototype, it is likely that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be built on the new generation Tucson. Even so, KDesign AG decided to create a Santa Cruz with Santa Fe design elements to see what the pickup looks like.

The results were unimaginable, the Santa Cruz from KDesign AG looks very athletic and stylish, the car has a two-stripe type date light that divides the rectangular headlights into two parts. Triangular air vents next to the sport chrome front bumper.


At the rear, Santa Cruz owns a full-width taillight with two main light clusters inspired by Santa Fe, the tail also has many chrome accents.

Last September, Hyundai Motor Corporation’s Global Product Management Manager said that the Santa Cruz would be built on the 2022 Tucson. If that’s the case, the Hyundai pickup truck can also be shared. engines with Tucson, including 2.5L naturally aspirated engine and 1.6L hybrid engine option.

Sharing the platform with the new Tucson will give Santa Cruz a well-equipped cabin, with the latest technology, such as a 10.3-inch central infotainment screen and technical instrument cluster. number.

Rumor has it that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be supplied with the Palisade 3.8L V6 (290 hp) to compete with the Ford Ranger and Honda Ridgeline. That is unlikely, though, because the Tucson’s platform doesn’t match a six-cylinder engine. The Santa Cruz appears to be on the same level as the Ford Maverick, a new light-weight Ford truck – sharing the platform with the new Escape and Bronco Sport.

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