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Little known things about car engines

by Tam Nguyen

When it comes to a car engine, we often talk about the capacity, the type of fuel used, the technology equipped on the engine such as Turbocharged, Supercharged, etc. However, is the engine just that? There are many other interesting aspects that you will find surprising about the engine.

Car engine life

Any type of machine has a lifespan and engines are no exception. However, many people often forget this when it comes to engines because manufacturers often do not mention it. Companies want you to think that the engines they manufacture will last forever. Engine life is usually around 7-8 years and with the development of technology, that number can go up to more than 10 years without any serious damage when well maintained.

The smaller the engine, the less fuel it will use?

We often think that the smaller the engine, the less fuel it will use. This is not always the case because with the development of science and technology, there are large engines that produce high power and still save fuel.

With winter, it is necessary to warm up the engine before starting the car?

This is only true for the old engine generation. Today’s modern engines are designed to start immediately without you having to wait. Because they have technology that helps to support low-temperature starting. The most obvious example is the Diesel engine equipped with spark plugs.

Number 14:1

This is the lowest compression ratio of Diesel engines and also the highest compression ratio that gasoline engines can achieve at the present time.

Electric motors were born before gasoline and diesel engines

Did you know that electric motors appeared in cars before internal combustion engines? Yes, that’s exactly it. In 1832-1839 Scottish inventor Robert Anderson invented the first crude electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells. It wasn’t until 1870 – Julius Hock, of Vienna, built the first internal combustion engine that ran on gasoline. Diesel engine was invented in 1892 by a German engineer, Mr. Rudolf Diesel. The working cycle of the engine is also called the Diesel cycle.

Car engines are really complicated, aren’t they? However, the more we dig in, the more interesting things we will see. And with the constant development to compete with electric motors, there will certainly be many more surprises in the future.

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