The trio of Korean cars: Hyundai, KIA, Genesis have won the design award in 2020

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At the Good Design Awards 2020, all three car brands from Korea, Hyundai, KIA and Genesis, have won noble titles.

The year 2020 has marked a major transformation of car manufacturers from Korea in the work of providing users with the best products. That is clearly shown not only in terms of equipment, technology or engine / chassis platform but also on the design front.

Outstanding among them must mention the “Big Man” of the Asian car industry – Hyundai when winning up to 4 awards of the Good Design Awards 2020 for the names of Prophecy concept, 45 concepts, Elantra / Avante and electric vehicle charging station system Hi-Charger EV. In particular, the Hi-Charger EV charging station system is appreciated for its beautiful design and usefulness in life. In addition, this innovative charging station system has also received the Red Dot Awards 2020 for its intelligence.

For 3 Prophecy concept cars, 45 concepts and Elantra / Avante, all are applied the design language that the Korean automaker calls “Sensuous Sportiness” (Sexy Sport). The lines are soft but not overbearing and bring a breath of sophistication that has brought unexpected success for all 3 models.


Besides Hyundai, 2020 is also considered a successful year for the KIA brand with the duo Kia Sorento (All-new) and Kia K5 (Optima). With the distinctive tiger-nose design language, KIA’s models are now a breath of fresh air for the entire world auto industry, providing customers with products that are not only beautiful, sophisticated and modern. and persistence.

In addition to 2 popular car brands, Korean luxury car brand Genesis also excellently received 3 awards with 2 models G80, GV80 and Copper Design Theme display interface of the entertainment system.

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The Good Design Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, with a life span of 71 years (since 1950). The Good Design Awards aim to celebrate the best car designs in a year and are often seen as a beauty pageant in the contemporary car industry.

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