Toyota xác nhận Fortuner hoàn toàn mới ra mắt vào năm sau: Đổi thiết kế, vô-lăng trợ lực điện và thêm nhiều tính năng - Ảnh 1.

Toyota confirms the all-new Fortuner will be launched next year: Design changes, electric power steering and more features

New car

Toyota Fortuner 2022 is developed on a new platform, allowing the car to integrate a range of modern equipment and features.

Not long after the introduction of the facelift version, Toyota is focusing on developing a completely new generation of Fortuner models, expected to be released next year. The upgraded Fortuner means that the Hilux platform is also soon to enter a new generation in the near future.

Toyota xác nhận Fortuner hoàn toàn mới ra mắt vào năm sau: Đổi thiết kế, vô-lăng trợ lực điện và thêm nhiều tính năng - Ảnh 1.

3rd generation Toyota Fortuner launched next year. Illustration.

In reply to Autocar India, Mr. Yoshiki Konishi, Chief Engineer of Toyota Motor Corporation, confirmed that the 3rd generation Fortuner will be introduced next year. He added that this car still uses a removable chassis, not a monolithic form like current crossovers.

In addition, the Fortuner 2022 will remove oil assistance, replace it with electric power, and help to steer smoothly. The change to electric power assist also causes the Japanese automaker to upgrade electrical and electronic systems, a premise for users to hope that Toyota will upgrade both electronic balance technology and new advanced safety features.

In Vietnam, the most advanced version of Fortuner has been equipped with Toyota Safety Sense package of safety technology, including lane departure warning, forward collision warning and intelligent automatic gas station. A new advanced safety feature could be lane keeping assist.

Toyota Fortuner 2022 is also expected to have a new interior compartment with a larger entertainment screen and electronic instrument cluster. Regarding the engine, the chief engineer has not disclosed any significant information, but it implied that the engine will be partially “electrified”, to improve performance while meeting the criteria. emissions standards are increasingly strict.

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Toyota Fortuner belongs to the mid-size SUV segment, directly competing with Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Isuzu mu-X, Nissan Terra and Hyundai Santa Fe.

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